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Churchill MFG Apple Longboard Complete from Ultimate Boards New ZealandChurchill Longboards at Ultimate BoardsChurchill Longboards at Ultimate BoardsChurchill Longboards at Ultimate Boards


  • Freeride Deck
  • 41" Long
  • 10" Wide
  • 31.5" Wheelbase

Complete Package INCLUDES: 

  • RKP Trucks
  • 70mm 80a White Owl Wheels (wheel colour will vary depending on availability. You will recieve 4 of the same coloured wheels)
  • ABEC-5 Bearings
  • 1.25″ Hardened Bolt Pack
  • 80 Grit Epoxy Black Grip 

PLEASE NOTE: Colour of trucks and wheels may vary from time due to stock availability

What UB Says about Churchill Completes

After checking out the Churchill Decks first hand we can totally confirm that these are the best decks we have ever seen at this price. Rock hard 9 ply maple pressed and precision machine cut in the US, and then UB adds to this some of its Abec 5 speed lubed bearings, Randal RII style trucks set up with Carving in mind and some good quality entry level round lipped urethane wheels to get you started. The Decks are solidly built and have a feeling of total quality. The Reverse King Pin trucks do their job nicely and if you want to they are ready for swapping out the stock bushings so you can customise with Venom or Riptide Barrels or some Chubbies to get your ride dialed in for you. We don't think you'll find a better quality complete longboard than the Churchills at this price. In the past UB has sold budget brands such as Krown and Moose and we won't be doing it again. Take it from us this price might sound budget but these Churchills are not budget completes, they are great quality completes, Churchill in the US have just managed to find a way to run their factory in such a way that the cost of these completes doesn't break the bank and puts a quality longboard product in the hands of anyone. If you are looking for your first longboard, these are perfect, you can't go wrong, and if you are already longboarding and want to add a new shape to your quiver such a freeride swich drop or a downhill bomb we would totally recommend you consider a Churchill.

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